Don't let your coop keep you cooped up.

Finally. Chicken keeping for the 21st century.


Backyard eggs, now stress-free. HeyChicken! Smart Coop Door keeps your chickens safe from night time predators by reliably shutting their door for you, every night at the right time.

Don't let your chickens cramp your style. At the office late or last minute dinner plans? Don't rush. HeyChicken! will automatically shut the coop door at sunset and send a confirmation message to your mobile device for an anxiety free evening.

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Plug & Play

Our compact, weather resistant design fits into most existing chicken coops. Simply plug it into an outlet, connect to wifi with your mobile device and you are done. No special wiring required.

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Farm Smarts

The Smart Coop Door uses the latest IoT technology so you can securely control and monitor your coop from anywhere with your mobile device. Our door learns when to safely open and close each day automatically, year-round. And it sends you a message when the door closes so you can rest easy. 


Made in Colorado, USA

The HeyChicken! Smart Coop Door was thoughtfully designed, tested, and assembled in Boulder, Colorado. The frame and door are made of recyclable birch plywood, sealed with food grade wax. 


Meet the Makers


HeyChicken! Smart Coop Door is a joint collaboration between Little Barn Industries and Justin Sinichko. 

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Alison Hughes, creator and lead engineer

Alison has over 15 years of experience as both a software and firmware engineer. Her code has supported audio hardware in many Apple products of the last decade, including Macs, iPhone and iPad, and the Apple Cinema Display. In addition to Apple, she worked at several hardware and software startup companies, including Other Machine Company and holds an MS in Computer Science. This year, she co-founded Little Barn Industries to share her experience developing consumer technology with other companies, so they too can use proven methods to build their products. When she's not working, you might find her caring for her beloved goats and chickens, cycling, sewing her own clothes, promoting and mentoring women in technology, or on the rare occasion, behind the turntables.

Nathan Barefield, software and prototyping

Nathan has spent the last decade working in the software industry. During his seven year tenure at Apple, he designed web tools to support worldwide customer service teams and later developed critical automated test frameworks for iOS and OS X. He has also worked at Pivotal Labs as a full-stack web and iOS developer, becoming an expert in Pivotal’s Agile software and test-driven development processes, as well as helping clients build their engineering teams. Recently, he co-founded Little Barn Industries to help smaller companies build successful software and hardware products that create meaningful experiences for their customers. In addition to his background in software, he looks forward to employing his life-long fabrication experience and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering to help his clients test their product/market fit through rapid prototyping. In his free time, he enjoys building and riding bicycles, as well as working on his farm.

Justin Sinichko, product design and marketing